CPP-ELM: Cryptographically Privacy-Preserving Extreme Learning Machine for Cloud Systems


Cryptographically Privacy-Preserving Extreme Learning MachineThe training techniques of the distributed machine learning approach replace the traditional methods with a cloud computing infrastructure and provide flexible computing services to clients. Moreover, machine learning-based classification methods are used in many diverse applications such as medical predictions, speech/face recognition, and financial applications. Most of the application areas require security and confidentiality for both the data and the classifier model. In order to prevent the risk of confidential data disclosure while outsourcing the data analysis, we propose a privacy-preserving protocol approach for the extreme learning machine algorithm and give private classification protocols. The proposed protocols compute the hidden layer output matrix H in an encrypted form by using a distributed multi-party computation (or cloud computing model) approach. This paper shows how to build a privacy-preserving classification model from encrypted data.

International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems