Master’s students

  • 2020: Preventing data poisoning attacks by using generative models. M. Aladag
  • 2020: Autoencoders for Adversarial Security of Linear and Neural Network Models. S. Sivaslioglu
  • 2019: Classification of metamorphic malware with deep learning. A.F. Yazi
  • 2018: Application of Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Methods Using Homomorphic Encryption Algorithms. İ. Aydın
  • 2018: Sensor Based Cyber Attack Detections in Critical Infrastructures using Deep Learning Algorithms. M. Yılmaz
  • 2018: Classification and static detection of obfuscated web application backdoors. F. Paligu
  • 2017: Detection of attack-targeted scans from the apache HTTP server access logs. M.B. Seyyar
  • 2017: Kurumsal Ağlardaki Windows Ortamlarına Saldırılar ve Sıkılaştırma Yöntemleri. E. Basaranoglu

Istanbul Sehir University - Cyber Security Engineering Msc

Bahcesehir University - Cyber Security Msc:

Recent Publications

More Publications

. Human-in-the-loop enhanced COVID-19 detection in Transfer Learning based CNN Models. Computational Intelligence for COVID-19 and Future Pandemics - Emerging Applications and Strategies, 2021.

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. Malicious URL Detection Using Machine Learning. Artificial Intelligence Paradigms for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems, 2020.

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. Preventing Data Poisoning Attacks By Using Generative Models. 2019 1st International Informatics and Software Engineering Conference (UBMYK), 2019.

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Distributed Computing
Autoencoder based Deep Neural Network Anomaly Detection
LSTM/RNN Based Malware Detection Model
Network Flow Analysis with Deep Learning Methods


Dr. Ferhat Ozgur Catak